Buyer’s Questions

What happens if the goods purchased are not suitable?

We accept returned goods back in good order within 2 working days of purchase.
Refunds are given according to original form of purchase.

Can I try the clothes on in the store?

Yes a change room is provided in store.

Can my children accompany me to the store?

Yes. We try to make our store child friendly and provide a toy box for their use.

What methods of payment do you accept?

MasterCard, Visa, Amex and cash.

Seller’s Questions

How do I get paid?

Merry-Go-Round consignment payouts are paid in cash to the client in person upon request, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

Do I have to wait until all my goods are sold?

No. You can collect any money owing at any time during business hours.

How long do my goods remain in the store?

We ask that all unsold goods be collected within 6 months of date of consignment.
If goods are not collected they are automatically sent to charity.

Do I have wash, iron or dry-clean my goods for consignment?

Yes, Merry-Go-Round will not accept any goods that require any cleaning whatsoever.